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    Children’s Photo Shoot

    Balance Experience and Expectations Being a photography enthusiast bring enthusiasm. It is easy to carried away with grandiose plans, especially when you see those cute child photography ideas on the internet. The result is often either failure and frustration, aka a “pinterest fail”, or wasting hours learning how to do something for one photo. For example, although we swaddled our daughter, I found it almost impossible to do a newborn wrap at my first newborn session. I was nervous and felt the pressure of the parents watching me. The result was me just throwing fabric over the baby. Literally doing nothing would have been better. Instead, start out with reasonable expectations…

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    Newborn Photography

    We all want to take better photographs, especially of our loved ones and special moments. Check out this post for my best tips on child and family photography. Newborn photography is a special moment that you only have a few weeks to capture. Those first two weeks are the perfect time to capture the newness of those little bundles of joy. Instead of worry about equiptment, as a starting photographer, focus on creating a positive experience to get the best pictures possible. Whether you’re capturing your own child or starting to take newborn photographs professionally, here is an in depth guide to capturing your best newborn photography. Newborn Photography: In…

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    Take better photos

    How do I take better photos? Many people think that they need to run out and buy an expensive camera to take good photos of their children. While they may take higher quality files, a good photograph can be taken with a phone camera, a point-and-shoot, or entry level DSLR or mirrorless. If you’re using a DSLR/mirrorless camera, start here to begin learning how to use the manual settings. However, if you’re looking to take better photos today, start with these following basic composition and photography pointers. Basic composition rule – Rule of Thirds Look up photography composition on the internet and you’ll find four or five main “rules”. One…

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    DSL…ARG! Mirrorless and DSLR Basics

    DSL…ARG! DSLR (and now mirrorless) cameras can be overwhelming at first. For years, I was happy with my light and portable point-and-shoot camera. DSLR cameras, on the other hand, were heavy and bulky. For me, the mirrorless camera has been a great solution. By removing the mirror from the camera, you reduce the size and weight of the overall camera substantially. However, all of the technical settings remain the same. To even take a photo, you have to adjust multiple different settings. If something changes (you walk into a different room, the sun goes behind a cloud) you may have to change one or more settings! Where do you even…

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    Mackenzie 02/04/2018

    Editing photos is a looooonnnngggg job!Luckily, Mackenzie is a natural model and she gets her beauty, inside and out, from her mom. I can’t believe Caitlin has been my friend and coworker for nearly 5 years now. She and her husband Michael were beaming with love the whole afternoon. Little Mackenzie is in good hands with these naturals. Here’s a sneak preview of this newly expanded family’s photo shoot!!!

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  • Starbucks Pregnancy Announcement

    Starbucks Pregnancy Announcement 2017

    My friend Michael and his wife Stephanie are expecting their first! Steph works for Starbucks, so we thought a Starbucks pregnancy announcement would fit them best. Because they were announcing to family at Christmas and to friends over New Years, we worked in a Christmas theme, too. Using some items from their house and a roll of bulletin board paper, Mike set up this ultra mini-shoot in about 15 minutes in his classroom. Congratulations Michael and Stephanie! Achieving the Look To get a dreamy look, I used a 2.8 f-stop. With the aperture opened so wide, it allowed a lot of light into the photos as well. I also staged…

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    Sunday In the Park

    My husband and I went into NYC today to see his aunt who was up from Florida. Only a 45 minute drive it, it’s close enough we can run into the city for a meal, but long enough we always feel we need to get our “money’s worth” of our time there. After a quick lunch, we walked through Central Park and took Charlotte on the Carousel. As we walked back to the car, I spotted a line of empty park benches and I knew we had to take a quick picture! One fundamental composition rule in photography is using lines, trailing off into the distance, to give your photograph…

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    Trial and “Air”

    My husband and I were casually trying to get pregnant in 2014 when we booked our first cruise to Bermuda. A few days before we were to set sail, we realized that we had no camera. My old point-and-shoot had been lost a few years earlier (which still makes me mad because that the was best camera, and I never lose anything!). In the era of cell phone cameras, I just hadn’t needed a standalone camera. I had survived both Y2K and my grandmother’s fears that her refrigerator was going to explode, but I was skeptical that a phone-based camera would perform well in a foreign land. Hoping we’d be…

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