Easy Ways to Get More Steps

Easy Ways to get more steps in; How to Win Your FitBit ChallengeOne of the most basic ways to improve your fitness is by simply getting more steps in throughout the day. If you have a step counter, monitor how many steps you get in per day and then challenge yourself to get 2,000 more. Once you consistently get 10,000 steps a day, see how many steps you can get in per day without letting other areas lapse. Below are five easy ways to get more steps in. If want to be even more competitive, check out my post on how to win your FitBit challenge.

What many “high steppers” will tell you is to get more steps in, small changes go a long way. A long walk may only yield 5,000 steps for an hour of your time. However, changing a few routines throughout your day can yield just as many steps with a fraction of the time commitment.

1 Get a dog…or a friend!

It’s a cliche, but a dog does help you get your steps in. Although I would like a fenced in yard sometimes, I activity fight against it so that I have to take the dog for a walk. Aim for a long and medium walk every day, and fill in with short walks as requested by Fido. Remember, though, that your furry friend may need to gradually increase his fitness level.

If you don’t have a dog, get a good friend and make a daily walk date. My co-worker and I walk for 15 minutes on our planning period. Without him, I’d easily convince myself that I was too busy to walk. Do something to make yourself accountable to get in additional steps.

2. Think outside the boxhow to win your fitbit challenge; Get More Steps In

Bored to death of walking in circles? Sometimes even the most motivated walker can’t go another walk. Find another activity to get those steps in. Put your FitBit around your ankle and check out a spin class, join a volleyball league, take a dance class, or check out a kickboxing class. For example, a 40 minute Turbo Fire workout on Beachbody on Demand will get your 3000+ steps. Check out the link here for a free trial month and join my coached group! You can join an accountability group and draw motivation from like minded people.

3. Never pass up a 500 step walk

Never send an email to someone when you can run by their office and get in a few hundred steps. Don’t let work pile up on your desk; hop up and get a few hundred steps in while you run forms around the office. The first suggestion will get more your friends at work; the second will earn you points with the boss.

In short, don’t let the day go by sitting at your desk. Even if you need to set an hourly timer, get up and talk a walk every hour. Experts recommend taking a 5 – 10 minute break from computers and screens every hour, so let your FitBit challenge be your motivation to take a tech break.



4. Get in your hourly stepshow to win your fitbit challenge; Get More Steps In

FitBit has a way to set hourly step goal reminders. The default is 250 steps, 8 hours a day. Hack that! Update the steps to 500 or more if you can. Give yourself a reminder at least 10 hours a day, 12 if you can. I admit I have been in everywhere from church to a fitness motivational speech and had my FitBit buzz to remind me to get more steps in. It’s not always possible, but the constant reminder will help make sure you’re getting steps throughout the day.

5. Challenge Your Friends

Finding some like minded friends and challenging them to a FitBit challenge may be the motivation you need to get a few thousand more steps in your day. If you’re already doing everything I suggest here, check out my tips for dominating your FitBit challenge.