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    Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    There is something about a nice cup of coffee in the morning. In the winter, by morning mug keeps me warm on my drive into school. But what’s a girl (or guy) to do in the hot summer months? Years ago, I’d brew a pot of hot coffee the night before and refrigerate it over night. But last fall I was introduced to cold brew coffee. It’s mild and smooth and lends itself wonderfully to iced coffee. After a few months of perfecting my iced brew coffee recipe, I’m ready to share. Before you begin, you’ll need to assemble the basic equipment: filtered water, coarse ground coffee, a jar and…

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  • freestyle pizza
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    Freestyle Pizza

    Have you made the 2 ingredient dough yet? Easy to make and versatile, it will soon become a staple in your kitchen. Every weekend I quadruple the easy 1 c. flour / 1 c. yogurt dough to make 3 Freestyle point bagels. I also roll the dough and make flatbread with it. Tonight, I used the flatbread to make a delicious and protein-packed freestyle pizza crust. Friday nights are pizza night. Maybe not every week, but in my heart, I always go to pizza. What’s a better way to kick of a weekend with melted cheese? Melted cheese on a pizza crust that packs 24 g. of protein and 6.5 g.…

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    Freestyle Dough

    It is no secret that I love my morning bagel. I make them on the weekends, freeze the extras, and take one out of the freezer every morning. The great thing about the freestyle dough is that the fat-free yogurt is point free on Weight Watchers Freestyle program. The recipe also earns its name “freestyle dough” because of its versatility. Earlier this week I rolled it out and “fried” it in a cast iron skillet to make naan. Last night, I rolled it out and made pizza on it. It worked both times. Using the same basic recipe, check out the two usages below and post your own uses in…

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  • Grandma's Chocolate Cake
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    Grandma’s Chocolate Cake

    My grandma’s chocolate cake is one of our family’s staples. For years, my grandmother made it every single week for Sunday dinner. By the time I was born, however, it had become our special occasion cake made for birthdays and other celebratory family dinners. This weekend, my mom got out her old and faded recipe card so I could make this for her birthday. There’s really no hint like handing someone the recipe you want them to make for you! We had a busy weekend, but I was still able to whip this cake up in less than 20 minutes. Since everything is made in one bowl, it’s fast and…

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    7 Minute Frosting

    Growing up, my grandmother’s frosting was my absolute favorite. For red cakes, she would make a traditional Ermine frosting. But, for her signature chocolate cake, she made this sweet and fluffy 7 Minute Frosting. Spread thinly, because a little will go a long way, but don’t expect a smooth finish. Sweet with a little sugary crunch, this frosting sets up to have a natural flaky consistency.  Years later, I realized that it was also dairy free. Of course, my grandmother’s celebration cake has both butter and buttermilk, but this frosting could easily be used on other dairy free confections. It’s somewhat of a cross between spun sugar and a dense…

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  • Instant Pot Weeknight Bolognese
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    Instant Pot Weeknight Bolognese

    Last summer my husband was out of the country for work. I had never had the patience for Amazon Prime day before. But that day was the perfect storm: my daughter was down for a nap, I was a little bored and lonely, and it was Amazon Prime Day. I scrolled through sales on items I didn’t really need or want. My Facebook feed was lighting up with comments about the incredible sale on Instant Pots. What’s an Instant Pot? At 12:30 on Amazon Prime Day I had never heard of an Instant Pot, by 1:30 I was the newest owner of this 8-quart 7 In 1 Instant Pot ($139.95, Amazon…

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    Homemade Bagels for Breakfast

    I had great success with Weight Watchers several years ago. After losing about 30 pounds, I had an overuse kneed injury that required surgery. Even without working out, I was able to maintain most of that weight loss for months…until the holidays. Winter is my comfort food time, and I love holiday food. After two years, a pregnancy, and infertility medication, the weight had all come back. So, like millions of Americans, I made a New Years Resolution with the family to start the new Weight Watcher’s program, Freestyle. We officially started mid-January and I’ve already lost nearly 8 pounds. I started working out last week, mainly delayed because of…

  • Bone Broth in the Instant Pot
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    Bone Broth in the Instant Pot

    At press time, I’ve been sick for nearly two months straight. Between regular fall allergies, day care, and my own students, our family has bounced a cold back and forth since late October. Although I’m an avid water drinker, water just falls flat on a sick tongue. So, as I started hacking on Christmas evening, I handed over the Instant Pot insert to my husband as he carved the turkey with strict instructions that everything but the meat was to be put in the pot. On the stove, I’d have to wait over 24 hours for the bone broth to be ready. But now, I only have to wait four…

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  • french toast
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    French Toast for Dinner

    Who loves taking the time to cook an from scratch meal for the family on the week nights? No one, that’s who. Usually, we resort to a combination of the following: seared meat, instant pot starch, vegetable. There’s nothing better on a fall night than a big tray of roasted veggies. But it gets old. Sometimes, you just need a change up. Sometimes, you just need delicious and decadent french toast. That’s Not Dinner Food! Enter breakfast for dinner. Just suggesting it when we’re meal planning for the week brings ohhs and ahhs. I always say it in a hushed whisper, as if serving breakfast foods after 2 p.m. is clandestine. My…

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