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    Children’s Photo Shoot

    Balance Experience and Expectations Being a photography enthusiast bring enthusiasm. It is easy to carried away with grandiose plans, especially when you see those cute child photography ideas on the internet. The result is often either failure and frustration, aka a “pinterest fail”, or wasting hours learning how to do something for one photo. For example, although we swaddled our daughter, I found it almost impossible to do a newborn wrap at my first newborn session. I was nervous and felt the pressure of the parents watching me. The result was me just throwing fabric over the baby. Literally doing nothing would have been better. Instead, start out with reasonable expectations…

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    Easy Ways to Get More Steps

    One of the most basic ways to improve your fitness is by simply getting more steps in throughout the day. If you have a step counter, monitor how many steps you get in per day and then challenge yourself to get 2,000 more. Once you consistently get 10,000 steps a day, see how many steps you can get in per day without letting other areas lapse. Below are five easy ways to get more steps in. If want to be even more competitive, check out my post on how to win your FitBit challenge. What many “high steppers” will tell you is to get more steps in, small changes go…

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    Lessons to be Learned from Second Hand Shopping

    I’m going to pop some tags I was never into second hand shopping. I became quickly frustrated when I couldn’t find things easily in my size or matching items for household goods. However, as I packed up my daughter’s barely worn baby clothes every three months, I started to change my mind. There is something about getting a complement for an outfit I paid a fraction for that makes me feel like a rock star. My daughter got a cute but short sleeved Baby Gap dress for her birthday about a week before it turned cold for the season. We had a warm week when she got to wear it…

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