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    How to Win Your FitBit Challenge

    Once you get a FitBit, you’re bound to be invited to a FitBit Challenge or two. My co-workers and I have had a continuous Challenge running every week for over a year. While I don’t win every week, I try to stay competitive. I will admit that I’ve even resorted to Googling, “How to Win Your FitBit Challenge” to find a competitive edge. Are you already doing everything to get more steps throughout your day? Here’s my best advice to you on how to win your FitBit Challenge. 1. The early bird gets the worm Get up int he morning and get those steps in early. One, you’ll be more…

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    Spring Into Summer: 21 Day Fix

    In February I traded my morning nursing sessions for walking the dog in an attempt to get more exercise into my day. Within a few weeks, I had added morning workout videos on my Beachbody on Demand subscription. Then, in March, I decided to challenge myself to follow one workout schedule for the entire month, working out five days a week. The results were a healthy 6.5 pound weight loss in four weeks. Beyond the weight and physical results, however, I felt tremendous and had more energy than I had in years. As a result. I decided to become a Beachbody coach to keep the momentum going and keep myself…

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    Turbo Fire – Week 4: The Results

    Have you ever gone through a work out and couldn’t wait to get to the end? That sort of happened to me this week, except it was motivating. Every Turbo Fire I did this week I kicked higher and punched a little harder: I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the week and get my Turbo Fire results! I had made a commitment in March to work out at least five times a week to Turbo Fire, and I succeeded. Every early morning fed my drive to not just fulfill my workout goals but professional and personal goals as well (well, except for that one stack of ungraded…

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    Turbo Fire – Week 3

    This March I’m challenging myself to a month of consistently working out before work using Turbo Fire on Demand from Beachbody. Last week I had three big unanticipated hiccups in my routine: a snow day, a snow day, and another snow day. This week, I had three big anticipated disruptions: Day Light Savings Time, St. Patrick’s day, and our school’s Parkland Walkout that I was facilitating. Turbo Fire Week 3 is over and the results are in. How did I do on Turbo Fire Weeks 3? Read on… Turbo Fire Week 3: Hot Mess Edition This week was challenging personally. The switch to Day Light Savings time really messed up…

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    Beachbody On Demand Turbo Fire Week 2

    Welcome to Turbo Fire Week 2: Nor’easter Edition. I am challenging myself this March with doing an entire workout cycle on Beachbody on Demand. After a successful first week with Turbo Fire, I was “fired up” (pardon the pun), to keep going this week. I had perfected my timing in the morning to get my workout in, walk the dog, and get out the door and to school on time. However, this week threw my a curve ball, a curve snowball to be exact. My school and Jason’s work were closed for an unprecedented three days due to an unseasonable late nor’easter. In the past, this would have meant hot…

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    Turbo Fire: March Challenge

    Like most Americans, I made a New Years resolution to eat healthier and exercise more in 2018. While it took me a few weeks to put that resolution into action, we started a whole-house Weight Watchers plan in late January. Jason and I had tremendous success with Weight Watchers several years ago and I truly believe it is a weight management program that teaches people to eat in real-life, pragmatic ways for long lasting health. Even after we stopped tracking, I kept the weight off for over a year until I hurt my kneed and needed surgery, when the weight start coming back on. That was compounded by starting fertility…

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    Homemade Bagels for Breakfast

    I had great success with Weight Watchers several years ago. After losing about 30 pounds, I had an overuse kneed injury that required surgery. Even without working out, I was able to maintain most of that weight loss for months…until the holidays. Winter is my comfort food time, and I love holiday food. After two years, a pregnancy, and infertility medication, the weight had all come back. So, like millions of Americans, I made a New Years Resolution with the family to start the new Weight Watcher’s program, Freestyle. We officially started mid-January and I’ve already lost nearly 8 pounds. I started working out last week, mainly delayed because of…

  • Bone Broth in the Instant Pot
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    Bone Broth in the Instant Pot

    At press time, I’ve been sick for nearly two months straight. Between regular fall allergies, day care, and my own students, our family has bounced a cold back and forth since late October. Although I’m an avid water drinker, water just falls flat on a sick tongue. So, as I started hacking on Christmas evening, I handed over the Instant Pot insert to my husband as he carved the turkey with strict instructions that everything but the meat was to be put in the pot. On the stove, I’d have to wait over 24 hours for the bone broth to be ready. But now, I only have to wait four…

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