How to Win Your FitBit Challenge

How to Win Your FitBit ChallengeOnce you get a FitBit, you’re bound to be invited to a FitBit Challenge or two. My co-workers and I have had a continuous Challenge running every week for over a year. While I don’t win every week, I try to stay competitive. I will admit that I’ve even resorted to Googling, “How to Win Your FitBit Challenge” to find a competitive edge. Are you already doing everything to get more steps throughout your day? Here’s my best advice to you on how to win your FitBit Challenge.

1. The early bird gets the worm

Get up int he morning and get those steps in early. One, you’ll be more likely to be conscience of your steps throughout the day if your start out on the right foot. Two, 5000 before 8 a.m. will demoralize your enemy…err…I mean your friends.


2. Shop till you’re on tophow to win your fitbit challenge

To stay competitive, start grocery shopping during the week. Don’t hesitate to pick up some fresh produce during a second shopping trip later in the week. Those steps across the store will rack up quickly, and you had to do it anyway! Just remember to put your FitBit in your pocket or you may not get any credit if you’re pushing the cart.

3. Win every day

If you’re serious about staying competitive, you’ve got to win (or come close) every day. If you fall a thousand steps behind a day or two, you’ll find by Thursday that you’re irreparably behind. Instead, make sure you’re hoofing it every day. Even if it means walking laps around your house before bed or pacing in the bathroom while brushing your teeth before bed, make it happen.

4. Get new friends

Seek out multiple challenge groups to push yourself. Even the most competitive groups have good weeks and bad. To stay at the top of your game, compete in two or three different challenges! The extra competition will help you stay motivated. Plus, all those notifications will keep your head in the game throughout the to win your fitbit challenge

5. Save a little in the tank

So you get up and walk before work; At work you take a quarter of a mile to walk to the bathroom that’s across the hall from your desk; You park at one end of the mall to eat dinner at the opposite end. And then, some jerk friend of yours decides to do their marathon training long run after work. Save a little in the tank for the end of the day. Check your updates and take the dog around the block before you go to bed if you have to. Just be prepared!

6. Psychological Warfare

You’ve done everything I’ve suggested and you’re still falling behind? Go dark. Turn the Bluetooth off on your phone. Keep checking your friends’ updates, and beat them…just don’t let them know you’re ahead. Wait a few hours, or 24, until you update and completely demoralize them with all your steppage.

7. Friendly Competition

Remember, at the end of the day, this is supposed to be a friendly competition. If you don’t win a week, feel happy for your friends and make a plan to do better next week. Competition is more fun when everyone gets to win!