Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diaper Buyer’s Guide – Overnights

I’ve hinted, I’ve implied, I’ve outright mentioned overnight diapers, but here is where I will actually tackle the topic. Before we get to that, lets find some common ground about overnights. I changed my daughter when she was a newborn before nighttime feeding sessions. Until she was about 6 weeks old, she pooped nearly every diaper change, so she needed it anyway. After she stopped pooping so much, we stopped changing overnights. Once I lay my daughter down, she’s down. We use a good layer of Aquaphor and “see you in the morning”. So, we only need 7 overnight diapers, though I have 8 “just in case”.

Option 1 – Pockets

Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2-pack, $9.75 for 2, Amazon Affiliate link

Since pockets are easily customizable, they’re a great go-to for naps and overnight. For either, you can double or triple stuff as you need to absorb 12 hours worth of urine. Start with a fast absorbing microfiber liner on top (aka closest to baby) and then stack cotton and/or hemp under.

My daughter is a tummy sleeper, so for naps I fold a cotton insert in half and place it at the front of her diaper. We personally use these Thirsties Inserts for naps (picture left, $9.75 for 2, Amazon Affiliate link). They’re think enough to fold over easily without adding bulk and absorb everything. We also have these Best Bottom inserts ($13.90 for 2, Amazon Affiliate link), however they’re stiffer and not really feasible to fold. These were better for my daughter before she could roll over and slept on her back all night. I still use them for car rides to the grandparents that are 2.5 hours or when we need a little extra time between changes.

For some, pockets are a fine long-term solution at night. These are an especially good option for newborns before they’re big enough to require one of the bulkier options below.

Option 2 – Covers

Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover

Honestly, I admire people who use covers. They’re so customization and all the folding seems artistic.  There is probably an awesome fold you can do with a cover or fold an insert into a FST (flour sack towel) that would work. Alternatively, you could use an absorbent cloth diaper like this Heavy Wetter Bamboo / Organic Cotton ($16.95, Amazon Affiliate link) and put a cover on top. Instead of a cover, you could also use a Wool Cover ($22.94, Amazon Affiliate link). Wool covers need to be lanolized (a process of applying lanolin to the wool and washing it), but once they are, they’re more waterproof than PUL (the polyurethane lining used on most cloth diapers). Although these require a little more prep, they are impenetrable. There are also great tutorials out there for converting used wool sweaters into diaper covers for a few dollars if you’re motivated.

Option 3 – Grovia ONE

Grovias come in this awesome Purrrrfect print. Unicorns pooping rainbows? Yes, please!

Grovia ONE ($22.95, Amazon Affiliate link) is our go-to for overnight. A large cotton and hemp soaker pad inside attaches with a snap, technically making them an AI2 (all in 2). They also come with a “doubler” that snaps to the large pad for increased absorbency. They’re a simple snap style that that make for a easy, accessible, and cost effective overnight solution even for heavy wetters.

On additional note, babies generally do not poop when they sleep after the newborn phase (because of the gastric-colic reflex, they generally poop during or after eating). Because of this, overnight diapers generally stay stain free and will hold their resale value well. My 8 Grovia One Diapers cost $183.60 and will last her from around 3 months until she’s potty trained at night. For less than $0.16 a night (based on three year’s usage), they’re less than half of what a comparable Huggie or Luv overnight costs.

If you have pockets in your cloth diaper stash already, the pocket option is a great place to start. Otherwise, try a Grovia ONE for a few nights. They’re exceptionally high quality yet have an accessible price tag. Regardless, don’t forget to check out the Cloth Diapering Costs and Savings.

Enjoy it, because it Goes By In a Flash!