Turbo Fire on demand

Turbo Fire – Week 3

This March I’m challenging myself to a month of consistently working out before work using Turbo Fire on Demand from Beachbody. Last week I had three big unanticipated hiccups in my routine: a snow day, a snow day, and another snow day. This week, I had three big anticipated disruptions: Day Light Savings Time, St. Patrick’s day, and our school’s Parkland Walkout that I was facilitating. Turbo Fire Week 3 is over and the results are in. How did I do on Turbo Fire Weeks 3? Read on…

Turbo Fire Week 3: Hot Mess Edition

This week was challenging personally. The switch to Day Light Savings time really messed up my sleep habits. First, I stayed up too late on Saturday night which compounded with the time change to really short change me. The weird thing about time changes, however, is then Sunday night, I still couldn’t fall asleep.

Turbo Fire on Demand
FitBit sleep tracking shows a terrible week of sleep.

My FitBit shows the terrible sleep I was getting. While working out is important, getting eight hours of sleep a night is even more important. To get as much sleep as possible, I slept in on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Second, not only does St. Patrick’s Day mean our friend’s annual St. Patrick’s Day party, it also means my mom’s birthday. Thankfully, our friends served up a reasonable spread that avoided huge plates for fatty or carby food. Instead, they focused on delicious food in small portions. For my mom’s birthday, we decided to eat out this year. A blessing in disguise, I avoided the high point corned beef for a more sensible entree, saving my points for cake later. Speaking of cake, I made my family’s celebration cake! I halved the recipe and made one layer. I cut it in half and made a half circle cake, lessening the days of left overs.

Why Turbo Fire is So Effective

After three days off, I made sure on Friday I got 10 hours of sleep (yes, you read that right, 10 hours) and got to it the next morning.

Turbo Fire On Demand On Demand BOD
Why Turbo Fire so is effective

Getting back on the wagon made me realize why Turbo Fire is so effective. Beyond the HIIT style (high intensity interval training) which I’ll discuss more next week, Chalene really pushes you to actively engage multiple muscle groups at one time. In the picture above, you’l see how Turbo Fire sneaks in squats and lunges while using the legs, core, and arms.

Turbo Fire on Demand
Heart Rate Zones for Fire Starter

As you can see above, the kickboxing, full body style of Turbo Fire means the calorie burn is higher than walking or traditional “aerobics” that only engage the legs and isolate core at the end of the workout.

The Results

Before I reveal the results, I’ll enjoyed 2 pieces of my grandma’s chocolate cake this weekend. However, the scale still shows I lost 1.6 pounds this week! Hats off to Turbo Fire Week 3. Week 4 is just beginning and I’m pushing myself to do HIITs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for metabolic conditioning. How will it go? Tune in next week. Interested in trying out Turbo Fire or Beachbody on Demand? Check out my link here to try a month for free.

~Enjoy it, because it Goes By In A Flash!