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    Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    There is something about a nice cup of coffee in the morning. In the winter, by morning mug keeps me warm on my drive into school. But what’s a girl (or guy) to do in the hot summer months? Years ago, I’d brew a pot of hot coffee the night before and refrigerate it over night. But last fall I was introduced to cold brew coffee. It’s mild and smooth and lends itself wonderfully to iced coffee. After a few months of perfecting my iced brew coffee recipe, I’m ready to share. Before you begin, you’ll need to assemble the basic equipment: filtered water, coarse ground coffee, a jar and…

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    Children’s Photo Shoot

    Balance Experience and Expectations Being a photography enthusiast bring enthusiasm. It is easy to carried away with grandiose plans, especially when you see those cute child photography ideas on the internet. The result is often either failure and frustration, aka a “pinterest fail”, or wasting hours learning how to do something for one photo. For example, although we swaddled our daughter, I found it almost impossible to do a newborn wrap at my first newborn session. I was nervous and felt the pressure of the parents watching me. The result was me just throwing fabric over the baby. Literally doing nothing would have been better. Instead, start out with reasonable expectations…

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    Newborn Photography

    We all want to take better photographs, especially of our loved ones and special moments. Check out this post for my best tips on child and family photography. Newborn photography is a special moment that you only have a few weeks to capture. Those first two weeks are the perfect time to capture the newness of those little bundles of joy. Instead of worry about equiptment, as a starting photographer, focus on creating a positive experience to get the best pictures possible. Whether you’re capturing your own child or starting to take newborn photographs professionally, here is an in depth guide to capturing your best newborn photography. Newborn Photography: In…

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    Take better photos

    How do I take better photos? Many people think that they need to run out and buy an expensive camera to take good photos of their children. While they may take higher quality files, a good photograph can be taken with a phone camera, a point-and-shoot, or entry level DSLR or mirrorless. If you’re using a DSLR/mirrorless camera, start here to begin learning how to use the manual settings. However, if you’re looking to take better photos today, start with these following basic composition and photography pointers. Basic composition rule – Rule of Thirds Look up photography composition on the internet and you’ll find four or five main “rules”. One…

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    Freestyle Pizza

    Have you made the 2 ingredient dough yet? Easy to make and versatile, it will soon become a staple in your kitchen. Every weekend I quadruple the easy 1 c. flour / 1 c. yogurt dough to make 3 Freestyle point bagels. I also roll the dough and make flatbread with it. Tonight, I used the flatbread to make a delicious and protein-packed freestyle pizza crust. Friday nights are pizza night. Maybe not every week, but in my heart, I always go to pizza. What’s a better way to kick of a weekend with melted cheese? Melted cheese on a pizza crust that packs 24 g. of protein and 6.5 g.…

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    Easy Ways to Get More Steps

    One of the most basic ways to improve your fitness is by simply getting more steps in throughout the day. If you have a step counter, monitor how many steps you get in per day and then challenge yourself to get 2,000 more. Once you consistently get 10,000 steps a day, see how many steps you can get in per day without letting other areas lapse. Below are five easy ways to get more steps in. If want to be even more competitive, check out my post on how to win your FitBit challenge. What many “high steppers” will tell you is to get more steps in, small changes go…

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    How to Win Your FitBit Challenge

    Once you get a FitBit, you’re bound to be invited to a FitBit Challenge or two. My co-workers and I have had a continuous Challenge running every week for over a year. While I don’t win every week, I try to stay competitive. I will admit that I’ve even resorted to Googling, “How to Win Your FitBit Challenge” to find a competitive edge. Are you already doing everything to get more steps throughout your day? Here’s my best advice to you on how to win your FitBit Challenge. 1. The early bird gets the worm Get up int he morning and get those steps in early. One, you’ll be more…

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    Spring Into Summer: 21 Day Fix

    In February I traded my morning nursing sessions for walking the dog in an attempt to get more exercise into my day. Within a few weeks, I had added morning workout videos on my Beachbody on Demand subscription. Then, in March, I decided to challenge myself to follow one workout schedule for the entire month, working out five days a week. The results were a healthy 6.5 pound weight loss in four weeks. Beyond the weight and physical results, however, I felt tremendous and had more energy than I had in years. As a result. I decided to become a Beachbody coach to keep the momentum going and keep myself…

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    Turbo Fire – Week 4: The Results

    Have you ever gone through a work out and couldn’t wait to get to the end? That sort of happened to me this week, except it was motivating. Every Turbo Fire I did this week I kicked higher and punched a little harder: I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the week and get my Turbo Fire results! I had made a commitment in March to work out at least five times a week to Turbo Fire, and I succeeded. Every early morning fed my drive to not just fulfill my workout goals but professional and personal goals as well (well, except for that one stack of ungraded…

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    Freestyle Dough

    It is no secret that I love my morning bagel. I make them on the weekends, freeze the extras, and take one out of the freezer every morning. The great thing about the freestyle dough is that the fat-free yogurt is point free on Weight Watchers Freestyle program. The recipe also earns its name “freestyle dough” because of its versatility. Earlier this week I rolled it out and “fried” it in a cast iron skillet to make naan. Last night, I rolled it out and made pizza on it. It worked both times. Using the same basic recipe, check out the two usages below and post your own uses in…

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